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Battle Droid Carriers were designed by Baktoid Armor Workshop and Haor Chall Engineering to be used in large-scale battles, such as the invasion of Naboo. They were used to transport Battle Droids to wherever they were required on a planet.
Set includes six Battle Droids and one Pilot Battle Droid minifigures, the variation being exclusive to this set. The rack which carried the battle droids has the ability to slide out of the back of the 7184 Trade Federation MTT.
The 7126 Battle Droid Carrier was a 133 piece Star Wars set with 7 minifigs released in 2001. It is based on the film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.
This Used Set comes with Spare Parts, Minifigs Included but without box and NO Instruction Booklet and comes in a sealed ziplock bag.

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