We Love Lego !

At BelloBrick you will find sets, mini figures, parts of all themes, sizes and colors.
We only ship Genuine Lego here.

Feel free to browse around and have fun!!!!

Your BelloBrick Team

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What can you find at BelloBrick


There are a variety of sets available to choose from.
All tightly sealed in a zip lock bag containing the exact amount and type of parts (including spares and minifigures) and instruction booklets.

Mini Figures

Choose your mini figure from the different categories like Duplo, Scala, Primo, Lego Games, Belville and may others.
All mini figures are carefully packed in a sealed zip lock bag.


Browse through the wide range of available parts. You will be amazed on the large amount available.
Find your part by going though the categories or by part number.


Consult our library on available books to enrich your Lego experience.

Tech Corner

Feel free to take a walk through our gallery of tips.
Where available you can download them

Tips and Tricks

A number of tips and tricks on a variety of topics are available for you.
All proposals are welcome!

"Lego" is derived from the Danish phrase leg godt [lɑjˀ ˈkʌt], which means "play well".
Ole Kirk Christiansen